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Prayers of the Mass - PART 2

For use on the altar

A Mini-Sacramentary - UPDATED.
This book provides the full Order of the Mass including all approved Eucharistic prayers.
Prefaces, Ritual Masses etc
Opening, gifts and communion prayers are set out for each day from June 13th (Monday after Penetecost) up to and including Sat 26th November 2011.
Spiral bound so that pages stay flat on the altar.
Available mid-May 2011.

Published annually since 1975

INCLUDES the NEW TRANSLATIONS of the following parts of the Mass:

  • the greetings & responses at the beginning of the Mass
  • the texts of the Penitential Act
  • the Gloria
  • the Creed
  • all the dialogues between the Priest and the Assembley during the Liturgy of the Eucharist
  • the Holy, Holy
  • the Memorial Acclamations
  • the Doxology
  • all the prayers & responses from the Communion Rite to the Concluding Rites
  • those gestures & postures required by the accompanying rubrics