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Prayers In Common Use -

Ko Nga Karakia O Ia Ra - Maori

As individuals, we can always speak to God in our own words, however, the Christian community has formulated prayers that we use in common. Even these have different versions which we are free to use. However, when it comes to praying together, it obviously helps to use the same version. This booklet provides a suitable translation for that purpose.

English, is not the only official language in Aotearoa New Zealand, and so it was appropiate to provide a Maori translation of all the same prayers, In addition, the prayers have been provided for the Maori custom of blessing a headstone. Because the purpose of this booklet is to provide a standard translation of prayers we have in common, we ask that this translation be used in future publications of prayer books and catechetical texts for use in New Zealand.
+ P J Cullinane

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