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In Cruce Salus

- by E.R Simmons

A History of the Diocese of Auckland 1848-1980
In Cruce Salus is the first history of the catholic Diocese of Auckland from it's official establishment in 1848 until it was divided into two dioceses in 1980.
Thus it tells the story of the development of the Church in Auckland (and of the province itself) from its early colonial beginnings.
Father Simmons has attempted to make this story of the Catholic people of this diocese, rather than the story of bishops and priest only, although inevitably the bishops loom large in the story. In this century and a half of Auckalnd Catholic life there are a host of interesting people in all walks of life. They crowd onto the canvas of history - Maoris, Europeans, priests, nuns, brothers, bishops, men and women of many antionalities, all contributing their share to the New Zealand of today.
This book is essential reading for anyone who is interested in the story of the Catholic Church in New Zealand, or indeed the country generally, for Catholics have always been ten per cent of the population. The frank exposition of their ideas and efforts, their successes and their failures, unlocks the door of a whole roomful of history that has been very scarcely touched upon until now.