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The Garment of Love

- by Peb Simmons

This autobiography tells the story of an extraordinary life. It is well-written , intimate and honest. It takes the reader into some very dark valleys with the same readiness as it does when telling of the momens of light and sunshine.
It begins with an only child in war-torn England, lonely and isolated moving from one school to another in an unsettled, disjointed life-style.
It concludes with a fulfilled writer and poet in New Zealand, the matriarch of a stable and gifted family.
Most of all, as it weaves the garment of its title, this book reveals, with confidence and clarity, the way God's love is threaded securely and subtly through the fabric of every life, that of the reader, no less than that of the writer. In this, as in so much else,

The Garment of Love is a spiritual gift to all who read it." Pauline O'Regan RSM